Author: Portia Louder

Thanks for Sharing the Journey

I recently received an award in treatment that was very meaningful to me. Several of the women in our program wrote me letters, and I decided to share some of

The Battle of Life

I participated in a competition called “The Battle of The Units”,  a while back. Every year each unit forms a  team to compete in multiple events over four weeks. The

Free Woman

A letter recently arrived from a friend who is active in criminal justice reform. He mentioned that he is impressed with the progress I’ve made in self awareness. I believe

Becoming a Grandmother

I became a grandmother this week, what a beautiful experience! Shelby was induced on Monday morning.  I called Chad when I got off work to see how things were going,

It’s the Journey Not the Destination

Being in treatment here is helping me. We interact as community, and have service groups, and classes that we participate in and lead. We hold each other accountable for our

What I’m Learning About Myself

When I came to prison I was scared that I would lose the good I had left inside of me; but I didn’t know how much good I would find

Where I Am Today

I’ve had a hard time writing anything for the past few months but decided to reach out and share what I’ve been going through with all of you. When I

My Family

My family came to visit me last weekend.  It was amazing to see them and really emotional. My friend Macy lives in the RDAP unit with me, and came to

Bright Shining Star

I moved to the RDAP (drug and alcohol treatment) unit recently, and started attending treatment classes. I didn’t think I would like RDAP.  Some of my concerns were that the

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