I became a grandmother this week, what a beautiful experience! Shelby was induced on Monday morning.  I called Chad when I got off work to see how things were going, and Shelby picked up the phone and said: “Mom, I’m sorry I’m kind of emotional, I just found out that they want to do a c-section, and this wasn’t the way I planned it.”  Then she handed the phone to Chad and as soon as he picked up the phone I felt a calm come over me. I thought: “There it is, that strength that he brings to every situation.” He really is the calm in the middle of every storm. He told me that Shelby would be having the baby shortly, and she was doing great. He said: “Our daughter told me she was sorry she was so upset. I told her I didn’t think she was very upset, and asked her if she knew who I was married to:)” Thank goodness for his calm presence, and subtle sense of humor. Everything went great, and I am the proud grandmother of a healthy baby boy named Max. He weighed just over 7 lbs, and was perfectly healthy. Chad told me the other day that he is amazed at how well Shelby is adjusting to being a mother. I want to share an email with you that Shelby sent me yesterday, and an email I sent her in return. We have so much to be grateful for right now, and I want to share this experience with all of you. I value your love and support, and thank you all for following along:)

I’m sure every woman goes through this…but becoming a mom makes you super emotional! You just think about all the parents and woman in your life and appreciate them so much more. I can’t stop thinking about you, Dad, grandma, and grandpa. I just feel so lucky to have you guys. I feel like I’m doing good at this mom thing, and I owe it all to you. How I bounce him when he’s crying, or songs I sing to him…I do it because I saw you do it. It’s crazy how you can just love this little person so much. I love you mom, I hope you have a good day and I’m grateful for all you do. Miss you

Shelby Rose,
I do remember what it was like to become a mother for the first time. My whole perspective changed. It’s an emotional time of reflection, love, and spiritual growth. I remember how much I loved your tiny little self when you were born. Grandma was with me that day, and got lost on the way to the hospital:) I wasn’t married so it was just me and grandma, and I remember thinking: “It shouldn’t be like this, I want to share this with her Father.” Grandma and grandpa were amazing though. When I got to the hospital you came quick, there wasn’t time for an epidural. Grandma was by my side and coached me every step of the way, we did it together. When you were born grandma said: “Oh Portia she’s beautiful! Look at her little rose bud lips” You were beautiful! Three weeks early, and perfectly healthy. I looked at your tiny little face and said: “I’m going to name her Shelby Rose” Grandpa called the hospital shortly after you were born and told me names he though would be good. But of course I couldn’t be dissuaded, you know how I can be when I make up my mind:)
We took you to church a few weeks later and grandpa blessed you. Grandpa was so proud; that day I promised you that you would have a father that loved you as much as grandpa loved me. As soon as I married Chad you guys became best buddies. You wanted to go everywhere with him. You guys had a special connection right away. One day you asked us when Chad was going to adopt you, so we made it official. I want you to know what an important part of our family you are. Your love and support has united us in our struggles, and now this little one is bringing new life and love into our family. Watching you all on video the other night brought me overwhelming joy. I am so proud of the daughter that you are, the sister that you are, and the wife that you have become. But I think your crowning glory is becoming a mother. I feel something so special in my heart right now Shelby. It’s pretty amazing to watch you blossom into the Rose that I so accurately named you after. My heart is with you, Chad’s heart is with you, and I’m sure your grandparents is as well.
Love, MomBecoming