Born to Be Brave

New Release - April 15th, 2024

Born to Be Brave

A Compassionate Journey Through Life

Testament to Resilience of Mind, Body & Spirit

As people face their suffering they find truth, faith and life lessons. Born to be Brave is a testament to the resilience of the human mind, body, and spirit.

There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Sometimes it involves walking out of the prison of your childhood and leaving the bitterness and hatred behind, and facing yourself, which may be the hardest of all things to face.

Living Louder

A Biography By Portia Louder

How do you stay faithful in spite of failure?

Portia spent four and a half years of her life in federal prison and her life was transformed. This is an account of kindness, faith and enduring friendships discovered in federal prison.

Her story is told with the passion and insight of one who lived it. 

Portia opens our eyes and hearts to the real challenges and struggles that people in prison face.

Hard cover Living Louder

Recent Interviews

Portia Louder TEDx Talk


TEDx Talk – Beautiful Journey Through Federal Prison Rising from the Ashes: The Portia Louder Story of Redemption and Resilience In

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About Portia Louder

Dedicated to Helping People in Prison

I learned important lessons that changed my life from the everyone I met in prison. I found beauty and humanity, strength and compassion. My heart is with my friends in prison.  

Living Louder is available to download for free in several state prisons in the USA.

We donate paperback copies to federal prisons, and state prisons that don’t have tablets.

Travis Richie & Portia Louder
Travis Richie Helps Portia Get, "Living Louder" in Prisons.

Travis Richie, was instrumental in getting “Living Louder” in prisons across the country. 

It’s available to 500,000 inmates in the USA!

portia louder
What We Do

Inspire. Uplift. Motivate.

I was empowered to move forward and build a new life through accountability. 

Despite the most difficult circumstances, It’s possible to create a new future and live a principle centered life. There is always hope

Our greatest pain and struggle become the foundation for a beautiful life.

New Arrival

Latest Book Release

Living Louder is one of many books to come.


First Book​

I don’t have a college education and I struggled in school.

However, I felt compelled to write a book! 

I witnessed the humanity and beauty of the human spirit while I was in prison. 

My prayer: “Please don’t let me forget.” This is the story of a loving God, and His power to transform the lives of His children.

Meet Portia Louder

Portia Louder

Portia Louder began her career documenting weddings and built a photography business in Utah, and surrounding states. 

She became involved in real estate in 2004, and was investigated and indicted for mortgage fraud. Portia received a seven year federal prison sentence, and left her husband Chad, and their five children in Utah, while she served four and a half years in prison in CA, and MN. 

Portia captured her experiences through letters and journal entries and published a book called Living Louder. 

She shares openly about her life, and what it took to move past her mistakes and visualize a new future. Portia loves the sun, and enjoys the simple beauties of life. 

chad and portia louder
Chad Louder & Portia Louder

News & Blog

Portia in the news and her blog on what she’s doing today after prison.

TEDx Talk – Beautiful Journey Through Federal Prison Rising from the Ashes: The Portia Louder Story of Redemption and Resilience In a …

Prepare to be moved by the profound vulnerability of Portia Louder. To listen to Portia share her incredible story in iTunes, click …

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