Author: Portia Louder

A Christmas Letter

This is my third Christmas in prison, and I don’t really have words for how I feel. I haven’t been writing  much lately, but I want you all to know

What I Value Most

My room mate asked me if there was one thing that I could change in myself right now what would it be? I told her, “Pride! I think pride is

Looking Back

Looking back I can see that I have met the right people, at exactly the right time in my life. My friend Rhonda Pendleton is one of those people. I

Free From the Inside

I Stopped Worrying About Circumstances. Focusing on Inner Peace. I don’t write about the circumstances of living in prison much anymore. The more I work at having peace inside my

An Indomitable Spirit

Today is my oldest daughter Shelby’s 25th birthday. She was a beautiful baby with perfect little rosebud lips and I named her Shelby Rose. She came into this world without

Remembering Who I Am

I had the most amazing visit with two of my sisters, and my oldest daughter Shelby last weekend. My sisters and I are each 18 months apart and we were

Living In The Moment

Silence is hard to come by here.  I woke up at 4:30 AM, and decided to stay awake because I wanted to enjoy the silence.  The words: “Be still and

Sometimes It’s Just Too Hard

The last few months in prison have been hard for me. I don’t know why this time has been more difficult, but it has. I met with my friend Macy

Strength Through Suffering

I think that I’ve spent half my life making mistakes, and the other half trying to avoid the consequences.  The pain and suffering necessary to overcome those mistakes. I hated

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