Author: Portia Louder

Only A Moment

My prison sentence began at a Federal Correctional Facility, (FCI) in Dublin, CA. The FCI houses women convicted of many different types of offenses; some are even serving life sentences.

Finishing the Race

Hi, this is Chad. It’s been a while since Portia’s written anything, and we wanted to provide an update. A heartfelt THANK YOU to EVERYONE (So many) for the kindness,


I was called into my case workers office 2 days ago and told that the Bureau of Prisons has decided to keep me in prison another 3 months and that

A New Adventure

Goodbye Waseca – Hello Victorville I lived in Minnesota, at the Waseca FCI (Federal Correctional Institution) for over 2 and a half years. I had a lot of good experiences

A New Beginning

Last Christmas in Prison Today is Sunday, December 30, 2018, and we recently celebrated Christmas, and the year is almost over. This was the last Christmas I will spend in

My Sisters in Federal Prison

I haven’t written a blog post for a long time. My focus has been on healing and growth for the past several months, and the time and energy I’ve spent

Pursuing Greatness

The Greatest Journey of My Life I woke up today and looked out a window through metal bars, and saw a fence with razor wire around it. I am grateful

Who I Am Today

Today I Found Out Who I Am I had a great visit with my family a few weeks ago. Chad came by himself one morning, and we shared some tender

Meeting Max

First Time Together in Over 3 Years This is Chad.  Portia has been asked to take a leadership role in the treatment program she’s in and it requires a lot

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