First Time Together in Over 3 Years

This is Chad.  Portia has been asked to take a leadership role in the treatment program she’s in and it requires a lot of her time and energy and doesn’t allow for much time to blog.  She asked me to post pictures from our visit and share a few thoughts.  I was hesitant because she is an incredible writer and knows exactly what to say at the right moment.  I have other skills:)

A few weeks ago our entire family was able to be together for the first time in over 3 years. We’ve been able to be in contact but not all together in the same place at the same time.  With the new addition to the family, it was time to make it happen and generous family and friends made it possible.  We were all able to be together last week when Portia met Max for the first time!  We were able to laugh, take pictures, share stories, play Monopoly and Jenga and be reminded of what an incredible family we have and that more happy times are ahead.

Having Portia away from us has been hard.  She has an energy that radiates wherever she goes and people feel that and are drawn to her.  As a family, we were a little desensitized to it because it was always around.  Having that light and energy be so far away has been challenging.  

It’s been comforting to know that it’s still there and women from around the country are able to feel that positive energy and charisma to help motivate themselves to reach higher and expect more from themselves and others around them.  There is no doubt that Portia is having a positive influence on many, including herself and our family.  She has worked tirelessly to improve herself physically, mentally, spiritually and in her relationships.

We look forward to being reunited with her.  To hear the stories she will surely share.  The funny,  the scary,  the sad, the maddening, and most of all the story of redemption.  The story of our family reuniting and starting the next chapter is exciting.  I’ve felt as sad and hopeless as I ever have in my life going through this process.  I have more hope than I’ve ever had before in my life.  Hope in the knowledge that if we move forward in faith the past will be forgotten and the future is bright!

Portia asked me to share pictures from our visit and a few thoughts. She doesn’t have access to the internet but we forward her all comments from the blog and from Facebook, as well as kind words expressed at the grocery store and around town. Thank you for making the effort to say hello and asking me to convey to Portia that you’re thinking of her and our family. It has a positive influence!