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Welcome Home!

I was able to go to church with my family today and the outpouring of love that was extended to us was overwhelming. Thank you for welcoming me home. I

Meeting Max

First Time Together in Over 3 Years This is Chad.  Portia has been asked to take a leadership role in the treatment program she’s in and it requires a lot

Becoming a Grandmother

I became a grandmother this week, what a beautiful experience! Shelby was induced on Monday morning.  I called Chad when I got off work to see how things were going,

It’s the Journey Not the Destination

Being in treatment here is helping me. We interact as community, and have service groups, and classes that we participate in and lead. We hold each other accountable for our

A Christmas Letter

This is my third Christmas in prison, and I don’t really have words for how I feel. I haven’t been writing  much lately, but I want you all to know

Remembering Who I Am

I had the most amazing visit with two of my sisters, and my oldest daughter Shelby last weekend. My sisters and I are each 18 months apart and we were


What a wonderful Christmas season! We are blessed to have the love and support of so many great people and it became so evident over the past few weeks. A

Prison Violence-Government Corruption

The spirit I felt in Federal Prison on Christmas morning was beautiful. However, as the day progressed many of the Women started fighting over the phone. It seemed strange to

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