So many of our friends, neighbors and family have been an incredible help and support to our family through some difficult times. Know that you are an answer to many prayers and truly have been a blessing to our family. Meals, hugs, kind notes, ridIMG_3576es to and from practices, youth activities, reminders for youth activities/primary, photo montages, Sunday dinners or a kind word in passing have all carried us. These acts of love and kindness add up to wonderful miracles, especially
to our younger kids. As I write this I realize that there are so many acts in addition to these that we don’t witness, especially with our kids, Thank you!!

Virtually every time I leave the house someone asks me how Portia is doing and if there is something that they can do to offer assistance. They ask me to tell her that they are thinking of her and to please let them know if there’s anything they can do to help and I make it a point to pass these messages to her. So many examples of people that love the Savior and show that love through their thoughts and actions towards their fellow men. The support and the examples of living a Christlike life are all around us and it is incredible.
Portia loves this blog. She put a lot of time, effort and love into creating it and has grown to love it. She has said that writing about the events of her life provided her therapy. She has so many talents and strengths but writing wasn’t one of them until recently. Her incredible beauty and energy make personal interactions her preferred method of communication. She readily admits that her recent love of writing and the ability to communicate writing is a gift from Heaven. With this in mind we’ve agreed that I should contribute occasionally to let our family, friends and neighbors know how things are progressing with our family and maybe provide support to others that are moving through this mortal existence with us.