The Photography Program

I decided to write another post this week for a couple of reasons. Sometimes I just feel compelled to write. It’s almost like I can’t do anything else until I put the feelings of my heart down and right now I am so proud of my photography students! What an amazing class we’re having.

Saturday was my last class with this group, and then I will start with a new group. Last week we were out in our little garden taking pictures and a member of the staff approached us and told me how cool it was to see the women up so early in the morning on a Saturday participating. He said,

“My heart is full of joy just watching you women.  This is a great program that we should implement at other institutions.”

I have to agree, I can’t think of a better way to help the women build their self esteem and learn a valuable skill. I asked some of the women if I could share some of their homework with you because I was so inspired by the things they shared with our class. With their permission here it is:)

What I Would Like to Photograph

The homework assignment was to write a one page report titled, What I would like to photograph.

I would like to be able to capture those moments that people miss. The one’s that show pure happiness. The moments that no one see’s, the love between a couple or a parent and their children when it’s not rehearsed. To get a picture of all the small things that people are sometimes too busy to even notice. The moments that a person has that they don’t ever want to end, or always want to remember

I would like to photograph my growing child as her shapes and forms continue to mature leaving priceless memories. Same goes for my family, wanting to capture my husband and I aging through life together. I want to pass down to the next generation the building of a life and capture it.

What I would like to photograph is the rising of the sun, and when the sun sets. I want to be able to take the most beautiful sunsets on the water and catch the sun rising in the morning. Just to be able to follow the sun when it peaks out, and catch every glow of it after that. Wow, I bet it’s amazing!

I also asked the students to write their own mission statements and here are a few that I found inspiring.

I will remain in faith during my transition and practice being content with my life as it starts to take direction. I will be patient and practice patience with myself, the changes I’ve made, the goals I’ve set, and with those I interact with daily. I will not be discouraged. I will be disciplined in the way I live, and confident in the choices I make. I will remain driven, making opportunities out of any obstacles and accomplish all I set out to do.

I am going to be the photographer that I have dreamed of being. I am reaching for this dream and I am making it my own. I will have the confidence each new day to to capture the most precious moments that come my way. I have faith in myself to achieve this goal and be who I see. I am the photographer I see in my dreams!`

How beautiful these women are!

Before I close I want to thank a dear friend and sister in our Gospel.  Jan Irwin, thank you friend for your love and support.  I was so touched by your sweet message, it came at the perfect time. I want you to know that I feel a great love and connection to you 🙂

I have no doubt we will meet again soon and visit in your home, so much catching up to do. Please thank all the sweet sisters back in our former ward for me, I so appreciate your love an support.

I love you all dearly….