The plot thickens. My mom seemed to be doing great at FCI Dublin. She taught several classes and seemed to be a positive influence on many people around her. Her physical and mental health were good and we were able to video chat and talk consistently. A year has passed and it seemed that we’re all going to be able to get through this nightmare. And then…..

My family and I were able to visit my Mom a couple of weeks ago over Mother’s Day. It was great to touch her and spend time with her because we don’t get to do it very often. She had just been moved from her unit which upset her because she loved her room mate and the women that she spent time with in the unit. The day after we left , she called my Dad and told him that she had been placed in the SHU and would likely by “shipped”, which I’ve learned means to be transferred to a different prison. She spent 2 weeks in a small cell with no room mate, no window and and none of her meager personal belongings. I called the prison to learn that she could be there for some time and that she would get a phone call every 30 days. They wouldn’t tell me why she was there or for how long she would be there. Needless to say I was fearing the worst. It has been confirmed that prolonged time in the SHU can cause mental problems. It had certainly taken it’s tole on my Mom in previous episodes and although we had just gone to see her I felt like we needed to make contact with her again and asked my Dad to visit her again last weekend.

Remarkably she was doing great. He said that her attitude and health was good and that she wasn’t bitter or angry and continued to be cheerful and had a great attitude. She didn’t give a reason as to why she was placed there but did offer a couple of possibilities but I don’t want to speculate and possibly cause repercussions for her so if I see you on the street ask and I’ll tell :).

A few days after my Dad’s visit he received a call from a Prison in NV. She had flown from Oakland to Salt Lake and on to a facility in Pahrump, NV where she’ll stay indefinitely. She could leave tomorrow, maybe next month or longer. Portia worked hard at giving the women at Dublin hope. Hope of a better life, a more peaceful life while incarcerated and a better life when released. We’ve had several people contact us from the prison asking where she was and how she was doing and all said that she had a profound positive affect on the women there. We’re hoping that she will be re-assigned to a camp in the Western US but at this point we have no idea where she’ll end up.


Her attorney informed us that the government did indeed respond to their motion to vacate her plea and predictably they argued why it shouldn’t be reversed. It is likely that the Judge will want to set a hearing date to let the defense and prosecution discuss it prior to his ruling. We won’t know anything until then. Am I the only one thinking that it could be more than a coincidence that these events all took place at the same time?

My family and I want to thank everyone who reads this blog and supports my Mom and our family. We love you and appreciate your positive thoughts, prayers and support, they have all made a positive impact on us. Keep checking back for details, I’ll update you when she has a new address. Also, I’m going to write a post about preparing for prison and what to expect if, God forbid you or someone you know faces time in Federal prison, specifically Dublin.