Category: Before Prison

Remembering Who I Am

I had the most amazing visit with two of my sisters, and my oldest daughter Shelby last weekend. My sisters and I are each 18 months apart and we were

My Dad, The American Hero

When I was a little girl my Dad was my hero. He was the smartest coolest, handsomest, strongest man in the world to me. My Dad drove a 280 zx.

Say Goodbye

Saying Goodbye Is the Hardest Thing I’ve Had to Do. I knew it would be hard to say goodbye; I didn’t realize it would be this hard!  There is no

Sentence Part 2

Going to Jail, But Did NOT Expect This! My jail sentence continued. I felt tears streaming down my cheeks as I looked back at my family.  They were beautiful!  They

The Sentence

Being w/ Family – The Best Feeling Ever! After I plead guilty and was released from custody Chad took me home to our children.   It was the best feeling ever!

The Guilty Plea

First, The Mental Evaluation The order signed by judge Wells put me in jail for a mental evaluation and said that I was to be returned to Utah as soon

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